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Prince Edward Island Employment Legislation

PEI HR Toolkit This is a free online resource containing information about HR on Prince Edward Island.  It is funded by Skills PEI and supported by the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Innovation PEI and Skills PEI have programs that offer funding to businesses for advancing their human resources practices:

  • Human Resources Planning helps companies with the costs to hire a consultant to develop a human resource action plan.
  • Professional Services Assistance you may apply for through the Government of Prince Edward Island for up to 50 per cent of the cost to engage a professional business consultant (Business or marketing planning, not to exceed $1,000; or Management skills training, not to exceed $500, in business areas such as accounting and finance, HR, marketing and production.)

Skills PEI has funding programs to subsidize training and can be used toward supervisor and manager training.

  • Workplace Skills Training is a program developed for employers to train new or existing employees to develop their skills and align with needs of the business. The employer determines the type of training and who will participate. Training must be short term and meet job-specific and incremental industry requirements of the organization. Training considered part of the organization’s normal business operations will not be eligible under the Workplace Skills Training Program.

SkillsPEI can contribute up to 50% of the direct training costs. You will be required to contribute the remaining 50%. At the end of the training, the employee should have developed skills to meet the demands of today’s economy.

There is also funding available for workshops and short-courses. Once a topic is decided upon by the client, resolveHR develops a training course for exemption under the PEI Private Schools Act.

resolveHR has had great success with clients accessing funding to subsidize their HR projects. Connect to find out more.

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