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Kick Off the HR New Year

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Me neither. I’m not much of a believer in making a big change when a calendar flips. Mind you, if you are someone who can do this, KUDOS! A new year is, however, a good time to reflect on your business’ challenges and successes over the past year […]

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How much should I pay my employees and how do I determine the “going rate”?

A common concern for employers is knowing what fair market price is for talent. If you want a quick and simple assessment you can check posted job ads and compare your job offering to your competition based on gross earnings. If you are looking at an entry level position that typically has high turnover you […]

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Consulting Fees Explained

Recently, I heard someone talking about a pitch she got from a consultant on a topic she thought was great and necessary for her workplace. However, rather than engaging the consultant she commented, “I could do that–and cheaper!” And perhaps she could, but it made me think about how consulting is structured and how consultants are […]

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The Long Goodbye

It can be so hard to let an employee go, even when we know that it is indeed what needs to happen. Maybe we have let it slide hoping that the situation will get better, hoping that one more talk with the employee will turn the page into a new chapter where the individual becomes a […]

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Holiday Stress – Secondhand

Christmas is approaching fast with lots of different tasks to take care of: corporate and personal gifts, Christmas cards, parties and receptions, responding to charity donation requests, visiting those on the “nice” list, etc.  And that is just your own to-do-list! You want to enjoy the festive season but sometimes it feels a bit hard […]

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Pay for Staff Meetings?

Back to Urban Outfitters – such a great example of so many things NOT to do. Urban Outfitters asked staff to “volunteer” hours to work in their distribution center suggesting it was an opportunity for team building and learning more about other aspects of the business. While this article (Gawker), and other articles on the […]

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